Stem Cell Therapy


Dr. Ariel Chang Clinic collaborates with prestigious Stem Cell Centres in Switzerland, to provide our patients with customized Stem Cell therapy with high biologic activity and maximum safety.

This regenerative therapy involves delivering specific types of cells or cell products to diseased/ weakened tissues or organs, where they will ultimately rebuild and restore their counterpart tissue and organ functions.

We have Three types of Stem Cell Programmes to cater all patients' need:

1) Revitalization Programme

    For patients with no medical issues, and wishes to increase their

    vitality, or for early prevention of any possible diseases.

    For example, due to certain presence of chronic diseases running in     the family tree.

2) Anti-aging Programme

    For patients with no medical issues, who wishes to delay                         menopause or andropause with related physiological or

    pathological changes of the body.

3) Therapeutic Programme

    For patients with underlying disease(s), while increasing their vitality.